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Dr. Barbara Reeder Lundquist, co-founder (with Dr. Kedmon Mapana) of Chamwino Connect, passed away peacefully on Thursday, August 17, 2023 in Seattle, Washington. She had served on the board of Chamwino Connect from its founding in 2012 as a charity in support of the music, arts, culture of Tanzania’s Gogo people. Barbara's professional work was as a music educator (and supervisor) in the Seattle Public Schools, and a professor of music education at the University of Washington, where she engaged her students in the co-creative process of music-making through song, instrumental play, and dance. She was 89 years old, involved to the end in music and music education, and with a particular interest in the integration of Sub-Saharan African music into American school music programs.

Barbara will be remembered for her non-stop energy, good humour, and compassion, and for her enthusiastic support of the people of Chamwino, Tanzania, to sustain and celebrate their cultural identity. Her legacy will live on in the world of Chamwino Connect, in American music education programs where diversity is key, and in the lives of her family, friends, students, and colleagues here in Seattle, across North America and internationally, and in the land of the Gogo (Ugogo). 


Rememberances of Dr. Barbara Reeder Lundquist can be received as donations to Chamwino Connect.

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